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Tin Types

This is Arnold.  Because of all the caffeine, he can't get any sleep, so he's walking the halls, holding his lamp high, until the wee hours of the morning.  He is made from a vintage A&P Coffee can.  His lamp is a miniature, working oil lamp.  A melon baller, cut in half, makes him appear to be wearing red knickers.  His collar is a vintage porcelain light socket trimmed with rusted wire from an old window screen.  By the way, he likes his women like his and steamy!!

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This is Tim the Tool Man!  With his hard hat on, vintage advertising pencils in hand, and an old ruler for legs, he's ready to take on any project.  His "Golden Rule" spice tin is decked out with an antique brass drawer handle and a vintage faucet handle with wire trim for a collar.

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We'd like to introduce her royal highness Diana, Queen of Tarter.  She has completed her designer Royal Cream of Tarter tin dress with matching beaded arms and legs.  The bodice is trimmed in a black vinyl window screen ruffle which perfectly sets off her lovely necklace of vintage seed pearls.

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This here's Perky Durkee!  She's ready to take your call-in order and whip you up something special.  Her chef's hat is a miniature oil can, and her collar, a vintage faucet.  One arm is a child's slotted spoon, and the other is her cord to the telephone base she sits on.  Her beautiful porcelain face, framed by rusted window screen wire says, "I'm here to help"!

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This is Prissy!  Though she confesses to not "know nuthin' 'bout birthin' babies", she can make the most delicious cup of hot cocoa!!  Her hair is tied up with a bungundy bandana.  She has vintage faucet for her collar, carries a key to the pantry in one hand, and has measuring spoons for legs. 

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Meet one of our Spice Girls!!  She's a second cousin to those Hill's Brothers coffee growers.  She has measuring spoons for legs and a vintage faucet to top off her beautiful red smock.  She's donned a vintage custard mold for her hat and is ready for a hot time in the old town tonight!

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This is Little Miss Jazzin' Shoes.  You'll love her Art Deco flair.  Her beautiful porcelain head sits atop a coordinated yellow faucet, rimmed by rusty wire from an old window screen.  Just one look, and you'll know she could have danced all night!

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We call this little guy Sleepy Head Bombeck.  He's taking some advice from his Grandma Erma, and taking a little nap before he begins his housework!  His body is covered in great graphics from a vintage yellow and blue paper tin labeled Lighthouse Cleaner.  He has old clothespins for legs, a navy blue faucet and rusty screen for a collar, and his head stays warm thanks to a homemade navy stocking cap.

Item No.: 14383


This is Sweetie Pie!  She's a happy homemaker who's probably had a few too many of her homemade chocolate chip cookies :).  Her rosy cheeks sit atop a vintage brass light fixture component.  She has a coffee cup in one hand (to wash down those scrumptious cookies) and a pair of sewing scissors for legs.  Her tin body is topped off with a beautiful brass back plate from an old drawer pull.

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This is B.C.  He's a builder.  He has a compass for legs.  In his left hand is his trusty pencil (for whipping out estimates), and in his right hand is the "key to the city".  He has a bright blue faucet for his collar, and his head came from a former Hummel figurine that never made it out of the factory in Germany.

Item No.: 15459


This is Betsy Ross.  She's a member in good standing of the Tea Party.  Her body is a vintage paper tin advertising Betsy Ross Tea.  She stands on a vintage metal mold.  She is dressed for afternoon tea, with a black vinyl screen ruffle around her neck and her tea cup in her hand.

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This is Tiffany.  She's all dressed up for breakfast, or maybe it's really tea time!  Decked out in her finest jewels and sporting a black taffeta ruffled collar, she will look stunning on anyone's tea cart.

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Meet Mr. Tom A. Toe.  He's one of our largest "Tin Type" dolls.  He measures nearly 20" from the tip of his Tin Man hat to his brightly colored toes.  His friend, Idgy Threadgood, used to serve his "green" relatives at her Whistle Stop Cafe.

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